AUGUST 2-5, 2018 


Morton County Fair

58th Annual

& 4-H Achievement Days

5th Entry

Use this form for Livestock registration.  You can do up to 6 registrations at a time. 

4th Entry

  • Jr. Point Show on Sunday is ONLY for Meat Goat, Sheep, Swine and Beef
  • Your Jr. Point Show registration will not be complete until payment is made 
  • Cost of registration is $10.00 per animal in Sunday's Show

6th Entry

2nd Entry

3rd Entry

1st Entry

Sunday only - jr point show Registration

Once you click the SUBMIT button you will be taken to the Online Payment site to finish registration.

Once there click "Shop Now" and then please choose "SUNDAY Jr Point Show" from the product list and complete required information and payment.

Make sure your payment equals the total amount due for ALL animals registered for the show.

(EX: Registered 1 Steer, 1 due is $20.00 since cost is $10.00 per animal registered for the show)​

Your show registration WILL NOT BE COMPLETE until payment is made online.