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Come join us for the 3rd Annual Morton County Power Wheels Derby. This is a family event for the sole purpose of having fun.

For the safety of drivers, they must obey the following rules and regulations.

Age Divisions:
3 year to 6 year
7 year to 10 year
11 year to 17 year
18 and up

Pre-registration is required using the Showman App. 

Deadline to register is July 28, 2024

Liability waiver and social media form needs to be signed when registering.

Each vehicle will get a number for identification for the announcer.


  • Helmets and seatbelts must be worn.  Bicycle helmets will work.

  • Any regular electric Power Wheels is allowed.  NO 4-wheeler, tractors orc motorcycles are allowed.  The child’s legs must be protected within the vehicle. Vehicles need to be SIT IN, not on!

  • Vehicle is allowed to have up to 12 volt lawn mower battery.  Battery must be secured and sealed away from the child.  It may NOT be placed in the passenger seat of vehicle.

  • All doors and tailgates must be secured from opening. Duct tape and zip ties are allowed.  NO sharp edges are allowed on the vehicle. 

  • Tires may be covered in duct tape to prevent them from breaking.  No screws in tires or no chains.

  • You may make doors out of heavy cardboard for Gator-like vehicles so child’s legs are not exposed.

  • Do not raise or lower.  Power wheels must sit like it came from the store.

  • Motor must remain stock.

  • Decorative changes can be made to the Power Wheels to make it look like a derby car.  Changes and additions are only decorative – example, header pipes sticking up, painting the car, etc.  No hard plastics or metal decorations.  There cannot be any reinforcements made to the car other than securing the doors.

  • The original driver will be the only participant allowed to drive the vehicle.

  • Each driver is allowed to have 1 (one) person in the pit area to support them.

  • Each driver and pit person must attend a driver’s meeting prior to the demolition derby.

  • Staff will attach balloons on front and rear of vehicle at time of event.  Child is out when both balloons have been broken.  The winner is determined by the vehicle with 1 or more balloons that are still intact and not popped. 

  • Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded after each age division event.

  • At all times remember that this is for the kids! Any vehicle deemed unsafe or with unfair advantages will not be allowed to compete. Don’t add something that could cause them not be in the derby. 

  • You are responsible to pay gate entrance fee.


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